Vouching mechanism

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Tournesol will soon be using a vouching mechanism to verify more accounts without sacrificing (too much) security.

Currently, the following vouching mechanism is considered:

  • the voucher's vouching power is 1 for the first 3 vouches. Afterwards, the (3+n)-th vouch gets a power of (3/4)^n.
  • An account is validated only if it receives at least 2 full power vouches from email-validated accounts.

In total, a voucher would have a total of 3+1/(1-(3/4)) = 7 vouching powers. This mechanism has the advantage of being simple, Byzantine-resilient and to guarantee that a validated account cannot become unvalidated under normal circumstances.

Note, however, that we are currently investigating better alternatives. If implemented, validated accounts may become unvalidated to increase the safety of the Tournesol scores.